David Ridley CV

This page is more for me to keep track of the things that I’ve done that I’m proud of, some of it relates directly to the idea of ‘citizen sociology’, some of it more indirect.



Lecturer at Coventry University (2011-17)

Analysing Media and Communication (3rd year media theory module, part of Media and Communications UG degree; covering Foucault, Debord, Halbwachs), 2015/16

Democracy and the Media (2nd year, part of English and Journalism UG degree; covering Habermas, Chomsky/Herman, McLuhan, R Williams, Schiller, Adorno/Horkheimer, Appadurai) since 2013

Absolute Beginners German (Add+Vantage, all levels), since 2011

Pre-Sessional English (prepare international students for BA and MA degrees), since 2012


Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of Birmingham (2014-16)

Modern Social Theory (2nd year social theory module, part of BA Sociology; covering Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Frankfurt School, Goffman, Chicago School), since 2014

Social Divisions (1st year module covering sociology of class, race and gender, part of BA Sociology), 2015/16

Global Sociology (2nd year module on Globalisation, part of BA Sociology), 2014/15




Associate Editor, OTC Publications 2017-present

Editor, HE Marketisation blog: https://hemarketisation.wordpress.com/



Ph.D in Sociology (in progress) at University of Birmingham. The thesis is an exploration of the possibility of a grassroots sociology that could contribute to radical democracy, and the limitations imposed by neoliberalism and the marketisation of higher education

PgCert in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Coventry University (2013)

MA in Cultural Studies, Coventry University (1 year at Goldsmiths University) (2012)

BA Hons in Philosophy, University of Warwick (2009)




Idea and Reality: The Marketisation of Higher Education (forthcoming), self-published book collecting together the Willetts the Conqueror series on the HE Marketisation blog: https://hemarketisation.wordpress.com/willetts-the-conqueror/

The Practice of Equality: Jacques Rancière and Critical Pedagogy (forthcoming), editing with Stephen Cowden, plus a chapter entitled ‘Flipping for Profit or Equality? Ranciere and the Marketisation of Education’


Journal Articles

‘Institutionalising critical pedagogy: Lessons from against and beyond the neo-liberal university’ (2017), in Power and Education’ 9(1), available here: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/1757743817693250

‘The Efficacy of Student-Led Seminars for Critical Thinking’ (2015), in Brookes E-Journal of Learning and Teaching (7)2, available here: http://bejlt.brookes.ac.uk/articles/the-efficacy-of-student-led-seminars-for-critical-thinking/


Academic and Political Journalism

‘We are the Lions, Mr Vice-Chancellor’ (2018), in Red Pepper, available from: https://www.redpepper.org.uk/we-are-the-lions-mr-vice-chancellor/

‘Willetts the Conqueror’ (complete) (2018) on Monthly Review, available from: https://mronline.org/subject/education/ – also an editorial by John Bellamy Foster on the series in Monthly Review 70(1), available from: https://monthlyreview.org/2018/05/01/mr-070-01-2018-05_0/

‘Willetts the Conqueror’ (2018), in Post-16 Educator 91, available from: http://post16educator.org.uk/

‘Academic predators’ (2017), in Post-16 Educator 89, available from: http://post16educator.org.uk/

‘Still a new trade unionism in the making?’ (2017), in Post-16 Educator 86, available from: http://post16educator.org.uk/

‘The emancipated classroom’ (2016), in Post-16 Educator 83, available from: http://post16educator.org.uk/

‘John Dewey’s ‘intelligent populism’: beyond Brexit, Trump and post-truth’ (2016), in OpenDemocracy, available here: https://www.opendemocracy.net/wfd/david-ridley/john-dewey-s-intelligent-populism-beyond-brexit-trump-and-post-truth

‘On Practicing What You Preach’ (2016), with Ana Ines Salvi in Post-16 Educator 81, available here: https://citizensociology.wordpress.com/2016/02/09/on-practicing-what-you-preach/

‘Neoliberalism and Its Forgotten Alternative’ (2016), in OpenDemocracy, available here: https://www.opendemocracy.net/david-ridley/neoliberalism-and-its-forgotten-alternative


Professional Memberships and Other Affiliations

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy